Portugal Telecom is the leading telecommunications and multimedia group in Portugal. PT operates in all the 5 continents, having strategic partnerships with local telecommunication companies in Africa, South America, East Europe and Asia. PT leads in terms of innovation and holds a privileged position in the delivery of advanced services of cloud computing.

During the last two decades, PT has been an active participant in EU-funded projects and international telecommunications standards bodies (CEPT, ETSI, CCITT, ITU). The commitment to the promotion of co-operation with national and international R&D institutions has enabled PT to play a decisive role as an agent for the technological knowledge transfer between the market and the industry environments.

Besides being the European Telecommunications’ company that most invests in R&D, every year Portugal Telecom dedicates a significant amount of its budget to promising university students and entrepreneurs. Currently, PT has been developing several initiatives to stimulate the growth of startups and SMEs: Startup Lisboa, SAPO Labs, SAPO Codebits, Talento Programme.

PT has been working in the area of internet advertising for over a decade maintaining Portugal’s leading web portal currently attracting over 4 million visitors a day which generates 3+k ad printing events per second on the portal and associated webpages. PT has also been involved in many European projects at both coordination and partner level.