Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, developing advanced integrated digital technology platforms for the computing and communications industries. More than 6,000 researchers and scientists are engaged in our research and development program, including over 1500 employees within Intel Labs Europe. Prof. Dr. Martin Curley directs Intel Labs Europe from the Intel Ireland campus, Intel’s fourth largest manufacturing site overall, and the largest outside the United States with approx. 4,000 employees on campus.

The Cloud Services Lab has helped advanced the state-of-the-art in research through numerous FP5, FP6 and FP7 engagements including MOBILE CLOUD NETWORKING, IOLANES, FI-WARE, SLA@SOI, PERSIST, SOCIETIES, N4C, iSURF, DBE, as well as various joint initiatives with industry (SAP CoLab, Nokia CoLab) and academia (Innovation Value Institute). It actively engages in international standards initiatives, and its researchers participate on national ISO sub-committee mirror groups, in European cloud standards working groups, and in global ISO sub-committees (e.g. ISO SC38 – Cloud Computing). The lab also occupies a leadership role (co-chair) in OGF’s Open Cloud Computing Interface working group.